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Touch-less Car Wash

Starting at $5.00!

Our state of the art Tunnel Car Washes use high-powered jets to clean your vehicle without touching it's body.

What's the benefit of choosing a tunnel car wash over a classic car wash? Classic drive through car wash systems use automatic brushes to clean away the grime and dirt, which can damage the paint on an automobile - especially when used on a regular basis.


Our touch-less car wash system doesn't directly touch your car, meaning your vehicle's paint is unharmed. Since most experts recommend washing your automobile on a weekly basis, a touch-less car wash system is often the best choice for any car maintenance plan.


Stop by to experience the difference a touch-less, high quality car wash can do for your vehicle.

Our Carwash

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Self Service Car Wash

Starting at $5.00!

Prefer to wash your own car? No Problem! West Chester Buggy Bath Offers Five Self Service Car Wash bays allowing you to wash and clean your car at your own speed. Dirty Interior? We gotcha covered!


Our Super Vac's are always available and our "Pit Stop" mega vending machine, offers all the cleaning supplies you will need. We accept quarters, dollar bills, credit cards and of course, the West Chester Buggy Bath Wash Cards.


So take your time or breeze through for a quick rinse. Whatever your schedule or need, we have an option for you at West Chester Buggy Bath. Stop by anytime - we're always open!

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